xQc vs El Rubius’

xQc accepts El Rubius’ boxing challenge after showing off fight skills on stream

The two met during their Twitch feeds, where El Rubius had challenged xQc to a boxing bout, and they both tried to frighten the other with their physiques and boxing techniques.

The face of Twitch, xQc, was called out by Spanish streamer El Rubius during Ibai’s record-breaking La Velada Del Ao II broadcast.

A day later, unexpectedly, xQc accepted Rubius’ challenge—but only in specified circumstances. The two were only permitted to exercise for physical fitness; they were not permitted to train expressly for boxing.

In addition to wanting to risk money, X said he wanted to face El Rubius in 2023, giving them both enough time to prepare.

xQc and El Rubius show off boxing skills

Of course, there was some trash talking before xQc was accepted. He could “fold him in half like a stack of paper,” the Canadian streamer alleged.

Even though the fight won’t happen for at least another six months, the two are already starting strong. On June 27, they mirrored each other’s live feeds during their respective streams.

The two founders stood to their feet and rolled up their sleeves to display what muscle clung to their bones in an apparent weigh-in. Additionally, they punched their webcams and lifted erroneous objects around their rooms.

El Rubius finally grabbed a lightsaber as a last resort because xQc rapidly became exhausted after lifting his chair. In response, xQc made a fake sword out of a stack of blinds.

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